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AVIedit Forum rules

Please keep in mind these simple rules when you write to the Forum. This will keep it live & efficient.

  • Most of users who are happy with AVIedit do not write here at all. This is because they did not have any problem with it.
  • We encourage the registered users to send e-mail directly to the support team or to Alexander personally. You're guaranteed to be answered in a few days or even immediately (when he is on-line).
  • It seems that nobody wants to answer here except AM Software. So, please be descriptive enough (don't say just "It doesn't work!").
  • Save our time - please read Help first. Mainly we do not like to copy something from a help file & paste it here.
  • This Forum is post-moderated. The messages that are not in English probably will be rejected. We want to keep the chance to translate the Forum to the visitor' native languages. The most widely used "input" language is English, no matter do you like it or not...
  • It seems we are the only software company who allows the users to post their complaints online for public - please be polite in return :-)
  • We almost never answer to the e-mail you leave here. On the other side, if you didn't provide one, nobody will able to contact with you at all, even if your question was simply to answer. Our visitors wouldn't have a chance to help you. You're warned.
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