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Welcome to adding your native language to AVIedit

AVIedit currently supports 10+ user interface languages. The same setup.exe file includes all supported language menu items in a separate files, where xxx is unique language id. When AVIedit is installed, it creates the Lang subdirectory and places these files there. If you need to change menu language, use the Options/Language menu item to preview your choice. To make the selected language permanent, use the Preferences dialog box Language tab.

Adding your language to AVIedit package is simple.

First, you need a Notepad-like plain text editor. We will not accept your translations made in Word, Wordpad, TeX, Word Perfect and other "smart" editors. These editors want to save fonts, formatting and other settings into the text, thus making it unusable for AVIedit.

Next, take a template file in any language (better in English) from your current AVIedit installation sub-directory called Lang. They all are plain ASCII text file with all AVIedit menu items listed.

All that you need is to translate the quoted (") strings to the language of your choice.

After you did it, please send your translation to We will do a minor checks and add the translation to AVIedit. Anyone who knows the better translation can point us a mistake, if any, or suggest us a better text.

We respect your privacy. If you want your e-mail and/or home page URL to be listed here, please state it clearly when you write us.

Author(s) Language
Sildes Rosa Portuguese
Johney Choi Traditional Chinese
Luca Gherardi Italian
Frank Bernor French
Joachim Bosserhoff German
Aron Somodi Hungarian
Victor Delgado Spanish
Milan Hrubý Czech
Andriy Ilechko Ukraine
Peter Nyqvist Swedish
Kemal UNAL Turkish
Vlado Luknar Slovak
Frans Van de Poel Dutch

Thank you all for the cooperation.

Copyright 2000, 2012 AM Software