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AVIFrate has changed a little.
Now there is a command-line version for batch processing of avi files. It is a Win32 console application intended to run from a bat file or maybe in FAR file manager (probably it is the best one, and the only one working in text mode).


I've got an interesting side effect :)
I tried to find a good software to make a virtual 3D box shot for AVIedit, my attempt failed, but I not only did it again :)
I have complied an outdated version of freeware POV-Ray raytracer so it runs on Windows (98 and newer) and it rendered the boxshot absolutely at no cost for me (irony smile) and I think it looks just nice. I wouldn't put such a news here, but you guys can now do the same for free. I mean, you can replace my front- and left box side images with yours, then render your software product's box shot for free.
Don't fear they would look similar... my .pov scene file is a plain text, so anyone could move the camera, add or change lights, replace background and so on, just in a few seconds.
sample 3D boxshot I made myself using freeware POV-Ray


Another update (version number didn't change).
Now it's possible to use a grayscale bitmap as a semi-transparent mask for filtering frames and images. This way you can change only desired parts of picture, can have any shape of the mask (not limited by polygons AKA regions in AVIedit) and can make soft edges of mask using shades of gray.
Also AVIedit's host was changed, it better works now with Filter Factory created plug-ins and the plugins folder is scanned for subfolders too. This may result in something like that :)


For many Vista users this is a real good news. Now AVIedit has a HtmlHelp file in addition to plain old WinHelp-based one. I found it strange that Microsoft decided to exclude .hlp support from Vista, if we think about Internet Explorer as of #1 Security Hole in your PC. Without MSIE you're unable to see chm (HtmlHelp) files, so probably it is a try to return some market piece of older MSIE versions... Well of course a "free" help converting tool from Microsoft just ruined about 80 pages of my former help file and all hot-spot graphics, so it was easier to rewrite than fix.
AVIedit was updated to 3.39 which include a few improvements in Filters, some new Export options added, and now 'regions' work about 10x faster (and they finally work at all, sad smile...)
Note for our customers:
please install AVIedit into the same folder e.g. C:\Program Files\AVIedit and confirm old files overwrite.


Just a note: we are now using an improved anti-spam filters, so please give meaningful subject lines to your messages sent to our team. This will help both us to communicate faster.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
AM Software wishes you all the best. We hope you will not need our help in a few next days, however our support desk is still ready to assist you.


AVIedit 3.38 released. Now you can crop, rotate, flip, mirror etc. a MotionJPEG compressed avi files without picture quality loss. That means, no more video quality decrease with every run of processing.
Now it is possible to convert a folder with mp3 files to compressed wav files.
Alternate capture time-lapse option added: now there is no need to use third party tools to write captured stills in jpeg format. In turn, this makes long time captures more stable (lower system resources required).
Minor cosmetic changes were done.
Registered users: please do not remove existing AVIedit before you install this new build.

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