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A Russian computer magazine reviewer votes for the software piracy. We decided to answer this guy (sorry - texts are in Russian language only, use babelfish to translate)...
∆урналист выступает в поддержку пиратов. „итайте эксклюзив из первых рук


We decided (finally!) to bump AVIedit version number to 3.37 now it supports AVI to PNG images extraction (in addition to jpeg, targa and bitmaps), more stable avi to MPEG1/2 export from Timeline editor, improved filters performance, a few new options and minor fixes. Just to help you celebrate holidays and happy new year :)
Also, we added Dutch language to AVIedit - thanks to Frans Van de Poel for translation of both main menu items and Tip of The Day strings.


Album3D Builder update to 1.7
Now you can also run Win32 applications simultaneously and customize the self-extractor splash screen.


Minor AVIedit update
includes Macedonian language, thanks to Aleksandar Savic for translation, and some cosmetic changes too.


New AVIedit release
There are major changes in the built-in vids:mjpg decompressor. Now it handles fields of interlaced videos properly, you can export frames by a field basis, swap fields on playback and more. Also we added a 256 color PCX image format reading support. Some customers still need it for import, so - why don't add it...
Also the WDM capture engine was changed. Hopefully it should be more stable now, though please take care.


AVIedit updated to 3.34
This is mainly a fix release. Color adjustment filter now lets you use curve formulas again (the error was introduced in former version). The regions can be deleted now not only by one at a time. Some minor updates, too.


Late news, he-he :)
Finally the users got it! We added that tricky "append" menu item :) Now it is much faster to join two files. Also, AVIedit now includes DV Type1 AVI to Type2 converter. When you open a DV file and see only the 'iavs' stream type label (no sound, no picture either) - then it's time to use this tool...
And the short reminder here about AVIedit transitions: http://www.am-soft.ru/articles/fade/training.zip 85Kb


Minor AVIedit update: now it supports vids:dmb1 decompression internally, too. Actually the method is the same as any other Motion-JPEG decoder, and AVIedit does not need Morgan Multimedia codec to play back these avi files (and export bitmaps, of course).


In fact, we had two updates of AVIedit not announced at all. The first one resulted in a broken .exe file that stops just after self-check. It gave a message about the possible virus and file corruption, then exited. Maybe not the worst possible behavior...

Hopefully today we replaced all the setups. Please keep in mind that you can anytime download AVIedit (maybe a previous, but stable build) from our partner sites: SimTel, labDV, MpegX and others.

Today you will find two quite simple .8bf plug-ins right in the AVIedit plugins directory. It's only the beginning :) Of course, the experienced AVIedit users are already familiar with plugins in AVIedit, but all others are welcome to discover this feature. Heh! if you do not have these plug-ins in your Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop folder, please use them freely :)


A mistake was made in the AVIedit setup script. Normally, AVIedit allows you to paint its workspace using any system palette color. If the color index is zero, the window gets transparent. If you see this funny looking window, please click Options/Preferences menu item, locate Playback tab and choose BTNFACE from the dropdown list where the colored rectangles and color names are listed. Click Ok. After AVIedit restart it should be just fine. We apologize any inconvenience.
Also, now you can set the FLI files format that can be played even using an original Autodesk Animator (not only Pro version) by using Export formats Preferences dialog.


AVIedit 3.31 released. Now it's possible to output Timeline movies in 256 colors, 32K colors and in 16M TrueColor mode. Increased compatibility while reading TARGA files. Now AVIedit can preview and export from Motion-JPEG compressed avi files even if you do not have QuickTime, DirectShow, Mainconcept MJPG codec, Morgan Multimedia MJPEG codec, PICVideo or another MJPG codec installed. The fields and interlace support will be added later.


I'm here just to wish you a Happy New Year!


Album3D Builder 1.5 released. Now multi-levels are possible to create.


Hey! Look at the calendar. There are too few days until 2002. It's time to use our SNOWFLAKE II. Have fun!


AVIedit 3.3 released. It isn't finished but a must see.


Album3D Builder 1.4 released. Now it allows you to link external documents and web sites to your galleries. Also a new kind of export is added: now it can create a single self-extracting file that runs from end-user's temporary directory.

Look at the calendar... October 25th is gone... It's time to buy Microsoft Windows XP ? Are you sure ? Really ?! Alexander had few quick tests regarding the "new old" Windows Movie Maker that Microsoft (as usual...) claims The Solution for everyone. Hang for a while over our Readings section :)

Also there in Readings we updated our old article about creating fades in AVIedit. Now it offers a lot of transitions and there is even a short video lesson in an avi file format (both original and PKzip'ed version). A must see.


AVIedit 3.2 released. Transitions added, few improvements in .prj file format made, minor fixes (Image Browser didn't show big images properly - missed thumbnails for approx. 1024x1024 and bigger), upgrade detection routine etc.

AVIDiag 1.2 released. Now a better Windows 2000 compatibility (previously it didn't test codec .dll's mentioned in a system registry instead of system.ini file) and other improvements.

Logalizer 1.3 released. Added html report templates, few fixes applied, now it uses less virtual memory for helper tables.

FAQ area started - see the Readings section. Canon and Fuji Finepix digital camera users, it's right for you...


AVIedit 3.1 released. Timeline editor finally supports uncompressed wav sound tracks and avi audio tracks. You can mix them freely, mute or gain by percentage, use different sampling rate, stereo and mono... a long wanted feature. Slovak language added - many thanks to Vlado Luknar for the translation. Minor TextFX filter update, now it does not crash (I hope). Big thanks to Ciprian Almonte for reports.


Our Logalizer PRO software has been awarded a 4 star rating at A1 Yippee Shareware

Minor AVIedit 3.01 update - now it bypasses some diagnostic message on FLI import that caused your additional mouse click :) Also there are minor .hlp file updates, we hope you all will like it. Many thanks to Karl Miller - StuEDL site for a very helpful comments.


New Album3D Builder release v1.3


New AVIedit release 3.01

It allows you to import from and export to Autodesk Animator FLI/FLC files - the same way as you used it with animated GIF files.


We released AVIdiag v1.1.

Minor AVIedit Timeline editor fix - thanks to Tomasz Kepa for a complete report.

IMPORTANT: NetAddress AKA Usa.Net claimed some financial difficulties, therefore we discontinue using this e-mail address: mil_alex@usa.net
It will be monitored in about a month for incoming letters. Please use our basic e-mails to contact us. You will find them in readme files, each our product already has an updated send-email feature included, also each web site page contains our e-mail. We apologize any inconvenience.


Please get our AVIdiag software for free. It is an utility to check and report few possible errors in AVI playback and capture for your Windows OS.
Turkish language added to AVIedit - many thanks to Kemal №NAL for the translation.


We started our small Glossary project (see Readings area).
#ifdef %OLD_NEWS Also, new AM Software site was created here: http://www.am-softhome.com. It looks like a mirror, but there you will find ZIP'ed Forum only (not as web pages like here) and AVIFrate also is available at am-softhome only. Welcome :)
#endif Logalizer Pro 1.2 is here. Added unescape, added find/replace in docs, document hits report added, minor fixes done. #ifndef %OLD_NEWS
Also, don't miss our AVIFrate - a nice tool to change avi files header (frame rate, fourcc, etc.) #endif


Minor AVIedit update.
Image preview added in Batch convert dialog box and in the Import bitmaps dialog box. Few tips of the day added (in English). Keyframes now are drawn in blue - much easier to find them :)


Minor AVIedit update.
Swedish language added - many thanks to Peter Nyqvist for the translation.


New AVIedit build made.
The changes are rather cosmetic, I have added an exported filename template editor - this will allow you to export the bitmap images from an avi file, not only as 001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg etc. - but also with frame # included, date and/or time. Now it looks like the capture file name template.

Also, I missed that, we have a new shareware product listed: Logalizer Pro. It has a number of improvements over the freeware version, hope you will like it. Do not afraid, for those who are limited in budget we continue to list freeware Logalizer for download.


New AVIedit build made.
Now it is possible to rotate video clips by 90, 180 and 270 degrees with easy. Before that, you must use Transformer effects to change Portrait to Landscape and vice versa.


Few improvements to Album3D Builder BETA were made.

Logalizer was updated too: now it loads the log file approximately twice as fast as before, and [hopefully] I fixed yet another bug that crashes Logalizer under Win2K. Thanks to Andrey Pevnev for the tracking.


New [yet another] Album3D Builder BETA was made.

It seems I have missed a link directory name where my article about DivX was stored. Some of you were smart enough to type the right link into the browser location string, but I'm still very sorry: the wrong link existed here for a two days.


New AVIedit update. What else did you mean... :)
  • selection dialog box called by 'S' key now allows up to 999999 frames at a time
  • in the AVIedit Title Creator Win2K didn't allow me to enter spaces between words. Fixed.
  • capture to the clipboard is now assigned to 'C' key (menu item and toolbar clicks still worked)
  • scrolling of a large (2+ hr.) movies is now two times fine. I have used Matrix movie and Star Wars Episode I avis to test it :)
  • Ukraine language added, thanks to Andriy Ilechko for the translation.
Also I have updated Logalizer. Now it supports pre-load referrers filter.


New Album3D Builder BETA is out. Many fixes and additions were done. In general, you don't need to check it out unless you're familiar with Album3D itself and previous Builder BETA.


New AVIedit update. Rather it is a minor bugfix, but it includes some improvements too. Now many people using DivX will be very happy: AVIedit allows you to jump from a keyframe to the next or previous one like a kangaroo :) with SHIFT-arrows.
Also I would like to thank Milan Hrubý for the Czech language translation.


More news today :)
I have created a skeleton of the Album3D Builder. This application will make the authoring of your own maze much easier. Please keep in mind it is only BETA, still BETA and will constantly grow in response to your valuable feedback. First of all I must give credits to Mike Holdoway, UK. He inspired me to start the Album3D Builder development :)

Also I want to thank Andrey Pevnev for the Logalizer testing and the bugreport. Now I have fixed the mistake that result in Logalizer crash under Win2000. Hopefully Win2000 was not damaged :)

The webmaster of the http://www.graphicsring.com/ Graphics Ring, formerly http://www.designheaven.com/GraphicsRing/ /plugins/freeware.html contacted me recently - they moved to the new major site, be sure you have updated your links as like me :)


New Album3D is ready. Now it allows to move in the maze using slightly different way, it seems to be more convenient. Thanks to Victor for a great suggestion. Also I have fixed the crash when Album3D ran on Win2000 systems. Many thanks to Mark for the qualified bugreport.

I want to stop using the ListBot site to send out our newsletters. It seems to be too sloo-o-ow and it places an advertisment into the letter. New engine will use all the power and accuracy of the Advanced Direct Remailer software by ElcomSoft company. No ads guaranteed. I plan to send news up to 8 times per month, depending on software updates, maximum of 2 kbytes each letter. To subscribe, if you are not ListBot' lists member, please drop me a letter with subject of your interest.


AVIedit v3 is on

Take it right here: setup.exe
Now it supports projects, fading, has the timeline editor, some WDM-capture options and two additional menu languages. Many thanks to Aron Somodi for the translation to Hungarian and to Victor Delgado for the translation to Spanish.
We will not stop, so - stay tuned :)

Our site was re-designed again. Hope you will like it :)
I have released Logalizer 1.3 - now the better 404 error processing, dinamically allocated lists of arbitrary size, multiselection is available for documents
Do you wonder why I didn't new AVIedit so far ? Hmm... it is a secret: next version will be 3.0 :)
Also I am working on some Album3D improvements.

I have released Logalizer 1.2 - now the percentage of referrers activity can be seen, also it is possible to generate html reports with GIF graphic bars. The lists capacity was significantly extended (up to about 300,000 lines per log, up to 20,000 unique referrers and IP addresses per referrer...
Have A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2001

Have you ever seen a native 32 bit Windows application of 12 KB in size ? Not yet ?! Are you sure it would be useless ? He-he :)
Welcome to my Snowflake page. Looks nice...

Many thanks to Frank Bernor for the translation to French. Sure, I have updated AVIedit :)

Small fix and/or improvement: AVIedit could crash (after a meaningful message) on broken (interrupted download) JPEG files in Thumbnail mode of Image Browser. Now error is handled in a different way and you can even disable annoying messages when you have alot of broken JPEG files to watch...

New AVIedit build. Now it supports six languages and these strings are freely editable (!). That is, if you notice a mistake in spelling you could correct it even without my interaction.
If you like AVIedit's Image browser, it is even better now (working with desktop wallpaper).

Many thanks to Luca Gherardi for the translation to Italian.

Other news:
  • This site guestbook seems to be working (sorry: I promised it over two months ago)
  • Some design improvements of AVIedit product page
Many thanks to Johney Choi for the translation to Traditional Chinese.

Other important news:
  • Album3D 1.1 released
  • Logalizer 1.1 released (see Web Tools area)
Minor AVIedit changes:
  • added Portuguese menu language - many thanks to Sildes Rosa for the translation
  • fixed some German menu language items - many thanks to Joachim Bosserhoff for the corrections
Get it here avieditb_lang.zip 176 KB NOTE: only pre-release exe file inside, no help files etc.

Please look at my new issue about "bluescreening" with AVIedit. A lot of linked graphics and some 200-300 KB sample videos...

AVIedit update: Layer filter's precision was significantly improved.

Sildes Rosa has translated AVIedit menu to Portuguese. We appreciate this help and will add Portuguese language as soon as possible. If you want to make a suggestion or to add another language, please visit our translation page.

Small fixes to AVIedit 2.9 were done.
If you wanted another interface language of AVIedit, please look here. Currently we support English, German and Russian languages - make your native language next one! If you want to win free AVIedit registration, try to translate the help file to your native language. Before doing so, please contact translation team for technical details.

Do you have your own web site ? Start making money with AVIedit today: join our affiliate program with RegNow!

I have heard about Windows Me it is "the best" in digital media. I have installed it and played a bit with Windows Movie Maker (WMM). Read my opinion here. A lot of screenshots...

AVIedit 2.9 was updated. I have added a Hue-Saturation-Luminance filter to the set of available ones. Also, you can now write directly to the AVI file header (to change fourCC's, framerates etc.) and monitor keyframes (this is really great thing - to edit some highly compressed movies - DivX or like - you need to keep keyframes in place).

AVIedit 2.9 aka Oct 22 2000 released.

Web masters, take a look at Logalizer 1.0 FOR FREE

Wanna know the future ? Here it is :)
Get AVIedit experimental build

New AVIedit build. Added features are:
  • cropping when Export to animated GIF (uses the same way as avi)
  • preview in Cropping dialog box
  • filters now can use various frame ranges
  • 8-16-24 bpp avi conversion when Export

Album3D 1.0 released. Previous "update" removed as unnecessary.

To view some Album3D news please visit its page. There you will find an update too.

Here you can get AVIedit beta build Sep 28 2000. avieditb.zip 168 KB
It is strongly not recommended to use this build until you are an experienced user. This archive does not contain help file and install wizard. Only small readme inside. Do not replace your previous executable file until you ensure there is a backup copy.

Few days ago I have an interrupted FTP session resulting in broken AVIedit.* files. I was managed to completelly delete it. The backup files recovered by our hosting company were, as you see, not the most recent.
We apologize for inconvenience. Now all the files are uploaded perfect. In addition to JPEG support, the usage of Adobe(tm) Photoshop compatible plug-ins in Titles creator is now *much* more easy.

Major AVIedit update:
Added the support of JPG files. The source code was derived from Thomas G. Lane and IJG library. At this time I can not say I'm happy to use more than 100 kbytes of code, which I really do not need. This library is a good thing, but I do not need all of its power, as like I do not need all of it fat code. For a first time it is good enough, but do not think I will leave it "as is". Anyway, I would like to thank Thomas and IJG.

Minor AVIedit bugfix:
  • added insertion of a "control" before 1st image frame of animated GIFs export (before this fix only "loop" was here)
  • disabled funny message "Can't stop currently playing sound" if the machine has no soundcard at all
  • corrected the page fault when exporting AVIs without a sound track

It seems that e-mail router at http://www.am-soft.ru was not properly configured until September 8 2000. Sorry if you have send your questions about Album3D and received an error "user unknown" - now it seems to work.

A few AVIedit updates: added Capture Sheduler.
Removed GPL licensed piece of Helmut Dersch free code as AVIedit is not the open source/GPL project. Thanks to Cyril Wilkinson for an idea.

Small AVIedit update: now it slightly better handles broken GIF files. More noticeable improvement was done in Image Browser. Now we have true Thumbnails preview window (not as default icons). Also, minor changes were done.

It seems we have almost ready a new product for you. Here it is (735 kb): http://www.am-soft.ru/Album3D_setup.exe Do you imagine DOOM maze with your own photos !? Oh, no... no any shotgun, though, it is a family photo- and video album. Not the Quake Arena :)
This it version 1.0 (no help file yet, only readme) so be accurate. Should you have questions, ask us for help support@am-soft.ru. We accept any feedback from you regarding this free demo. If you do not have enough CPU speed (PII300 for video playback), please wait until we optimize it well.

We have just created our new site http://www.am-soft.ru Please update your bookmarks. We want to shut down http://milukov.freeservers.com after a few months
Also, we have introduced the support of German language in AVIedit.

I'm VERY SORRY. I have missed a bug that sometimes could crash AVIedit. Great thanks to Douglas Dixon http://www.manifest-tech.com who reported me this fault. Douglas help is very appreciated.

For those who really need an installer we have packed AVIedit into Setup.EXE
The wizard will promptly lead you through the installation routine.

You asked it - we do it. GET THE NEW AVIEDIT NOW!
Too much news to remember... see improvements here

This site was heavily redesigned... Hope it will a bit more convenient now.
I'm currently working on the major AVIedit release, so stay tuned...

Sincerely, Alexander.


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