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Name: Chris
Location: raleigh, NC US
Date: Monday, March 4, 2002 at 12:58:21
Hey, does this thing edit divX files and if it does how?

AM Software:
It does.
Our site Readings section is a must. Also the help file will introduce the basics for you.

Name: AVI guy
Location: northern territory, nt aus
Date: Monday, March 4, 2002 at 07:10:25
Hello I absolutely love this software but I have a problem.. at the moment i dont have a credit card and want to purchase Avi Edit.. do you think I could go to a local computer store and order it via them or is this not possible?.. help would be appreciated other wise I have to use the other pathetic avi editors.. and that makes life a bit more tougher :(

AM Software:
Probably the service that ShareIt offers you when you want to register AVIedit, is very adequate. They accept checks, wire transfers, phone and fax orders, and also credit cards. So, you do not necessarily have to use your cc online or offline. Please consult our site Order page.

Name: Previous Entry Guy

Date: Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 21:33:54
Hello, I was the guy who you called a "virus" lol after I complained about the virus check... but I have realised what an important little code this is embedded in the software which checks to see if the file is modified... well you see I learned from a higher source of a horrible virus called W32 WEIRD... it is a virus which goes thru EVERY SINGLE executable file in your comp and modifies it and spreads itself so it can cause harm after harm.... to all you people who get this virus check message.. please it is DOING YOU THE WORLD OF GOOD and letting you know you got a VIRUS!!.. my advice is get AV software title here this program will kill the virus i assure you... for it has saved my computer.. and i am overjoyed.. now, no one can take away my Avi edit from only true AVI love... Avi edit (sniff sniff)

AM Software:
Really, AVIedit does a self-check and the message it pops up not always means the real virus activity tracks. However you could get the same message on an overclocked system (due to RAM errors or HDD data transfer failures), broken file, logical partition errors, FAT errors and due to alot of other reasons.
This only should turn you carefull.

Name: Conn
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 00:23:56
Hi & thanks a lot for Aviedit. I use it since - I think - 2 years now.
Just a short note: is dead & closed, so you maybe have to change that link. But I downloaded the latest version from your russian site - the download was fine & fast.

AM Software:
Thank you. The broken link was removed. In fact, we're using three different ISP's to host our files for better download. We expect no problems there. Though, was very friendly and useful site. It's real pain it closed.

Name:Joe Virskus
Location: San Francisco, CA USA
Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 10:48:46
Hi, I think your products are great, and I was thinking about purchasing AVI Edit, but what I really need it for is my digital camera. I have an Intel CS760 digital camera, that has the capability to record movie files with sound in AVI format. The problem is, is many of the files that I have saved don't have the correct frame rate information embedded in them. All the data is there, but it only displays one frame in the movie player when I play it. Your AVI frate program has allowed me to fix many of these files, but only the video portions, the audio remains messed up. When I look at the file in the (demo) version of AVI Edit, it shows both a video and an audio track. Is there some way to do a similar operation on the audio track with AVI Frate or AVI Edit? I will be more than happy to pay for any product that can help me recover my sound and video.
Thanks in advance,
- Joe Virskus
Lead Application Designer
The Caspian Group

AM Software:
Unfortunately AVIedit was not designed especially to recover damaged movies (even if it offers some options for this), so probably there is no common way to repair any clips. This depends on how exactly they are broken, and maybe we'd discuss this topic by e-mail... let us a try :)

Name: Mark P

Date: Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 17:19:27
Hey Alex - this looks great. I was using MovieWow to edit the clips from my Sony Mpeg4 camera, but it doesn't let you change the order of your clips - so making changes is a real pain! AVIEdit's timeline feature is exactly what I want, and I was delighted to find the transitions in there as well (at first I thought there weren't any until I started overlapping clips by accident!) One problem is that suddenly the TimeLine editor now won't let me add any more clips or perform any other function - it says "Trial Version - buy now to be unlimited!" But I still have 30 days trial time. I really think I will register this software, but I would like to be able to complete one short test movie to be sure it will work well for me in the long term - I have only been able to use timeline for 5-10 minutes before it locked me out and that is the main feature I'm looking for. I hope you can help, because this looks like the right software for me.

AM Software:
Hi Mark. The trial AVIedit version has some limits on Timeline editor, you are right. But there is no real problem with evaluation because you can arrange two or three clips the way you prefer, change the default transitions to customized ones, apply filters, save the project, make out the movie etc. There is no algorithm difference, are you using three clips or five or fifteen :) Also, if you need to check the big movie creation, you can make it out of two or three hour-sized clips placed on the timeline. There is no difference in trial and registered version, except that you can add only a few clips at a time. Say, when you're trying to split one of three existing clips, you will get four clips (i.e. one more clip), then five, six etc. Of course trial version will suggest you to register :) this is why it "locked" you after a few minutes... Please note, there is no logo on screen or resulting movie length limits.


Date: Sunday, February 17, 2002 at 01:19:19
Why write Aviedit secret byte in the registry? The registry editor dont see it only hexeditor. I delete this byte and Aviedit working. I not cracked Aviedit only managed my win registry. This is my legal registry cleaner action. Or not?

AM Software:
It's your Registry. Do whatever you want there. Please keep in mind that we do not support these experiments. Do it at your own risk. AVIedit uses the registry to store about two tens parameters and settings.

Location: SP, QLD Australia
Date: Saturday, February 16, 2002 at 09:26:25
AM SW wrote ---- Please do not treat that message as the shareware nag screen. It's a real trouble because the exe file was built with errors. They normally lead to self-integrity check failure, and it is really GOOD it stops just before you get page faults, exceptions or whatever... Currently the files are updated, but you can download a bit older (but working!) AVIedit from our mirrors and partner sites (namely SimTel and ).

Are you for real?
1. I was NOT treating this as a nag screen .. it failed to run .. do you understand that?
2. Your check for virus infection on the executable is severely flawed .. AND
3. Why do you even bother performing a check on the file ....
Do you think we are all newbie's and have never used a computer before and require your ever so caring application check?
Wouldn't you at least even recognise that many of us have used a computer once or twice in our lives (for me 23yrs in fact) and may even have half an idea on how to protect our computers from viruses? Your check is SO insulting it's not even funny ...
How about you take a great product (not that I can tell because of your PATHETIC virus checking algorithm) and assume that most people who really believe they know what they are doing will actually virus check the software after download.
Also .. it's as though you are admiting your web site is unsecure and there is a possibility that SOMEONE may upload a faulty and even virus infected version onto your web site .. do you have no faith in your own website even??
Too late .. I purchased Adobe Premiere instead .. your loss buddy.

AM Software:
  • Regarding your Q. 1,2 and 3. We wrote, giving a message about a corrupted file is better than running it anyway. Do you disagree ?
  • You will have true fun not with our self-integrity check algorithm, rather than someday you'll omit one :)
  • We said nothing about our site security. It's your hot fantasy :) And the file wasn't infected: it failed CRC check.
  • We didn't lose any sales due to built-in virus checks.
  • Your joke re: Adobe Premiere is too rough. Just US$549.00 to make you happy :)

Name: Sion
ohio usa
Date: Thursday, February 14, 2002 at 08:00:07
i like your product a lot but am having trouble with something. when using the process filter to lighten a file, it works fine on small files, but i have a very large file (700 mb) that loses the audio when i try to run the color filter. i thought it was a codec problem, so i tried to convert the file (using mystic media's blaxe converter) to a codec that aviedit has no trouble with (on a small files anyway) but the result from the blaze converter also had no audio. i am wondering if the size of the file is what is causing the problem? i am using the sept 22, 2001 build (version 2.6?) on a win98se pc (amd athlon 750 mhz processor with 96 mb ram)
the file giving me the trouble has the following properties:
audio: mpeg layer 3
115 kbits/sec
44,100 hz stereo
video: 480x208, 24 bits
143551 frames 29.970 fr/sec
146 kb/sec divx (v?) codec
i think this is divx v 4.3 but cant say for sure. any ideas?

AM Software:
There are a few ideas...
In fact, AVIedit can handle up to 4Gb avi files, but they must be not OpenDML avi's. Unfortunately, most current avi files, that exceed about 1Gb in size, most likely are OpenDML- compliant, in other words, they include multiple data pieces inside, and multiple RIFF headers. In this case only the first data chunk will be read, and if your sound track is outside the 1st RIFF data piece, then probably it will be lost. If the (less than) 1Gb file has the same structure, the problem can arise, too.
Also, the DV Type1 avi files do not have separate audio track at all. Each small piece of audio data is stored in the same data block where the frame picture data is stored. When you compress this DV avi to DivX or another format, you save the picture but lose the sound.
The solution is probably the same for #1 and #2 - try converting the file to Type2 AVI, it is claimed as the most compatible avi format around there...

Name: Bob Ross
Date: Thursday, February 14, 2002 at 06:46:48
I get into quake and type /cl_avidemo 25, and then it feels like i'm getting 5fps and my ping ping skyrockets to 250 (i'm usually at 30-50)
i've tried different numbers for the fps, but i get the same result, anything i'm doing wrong?
any help would be greatly apprecated...

AM Software:
It seems your PC can not provide a higher speed while writing demo frames. Remember, that quake wasn't designed to run simultaneously with other CPU and/or HD performance-hungry tasks like speedisk, archivers etc. - and writing demo to the HD means nearly the same high load... Note, with 640x480x16 @ 25 fps your system trhoughput will be (or must be) 13,5 megabytes per second - it isn't that bad!

Name: Roy
Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 at 21:29:31
I can't get it to work with Windows 2000 at all. The program will run but when I try to work with a file, the file name is displayed at the top but I can't see anything. Rolling the mouse over the window produces a horizontal black strip where the pictures should be. This disappears when the cursor is moved away. What could be the problem here?

AM Software:
Most likely, it's a missing video codec. To see what codec was used to compress your clip, use Edit/Info menu item. Some popular codecs will be detected by AVIedit even if they are not installed yet. You will see the name, then download and install the suggested codec. The same applies when you do not hear the sound (but the clip includes a soundtrack).
What AVIdiag said regarding the file ?

Name: anya
Location: Baltimore, MD USA
Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2002 at 20:44:59
we are a group working on a graphics project for a cs class at Johns Hopkins we're hoping to find a command-line interface to a program such as avi-edit. if there is one that exists, or if it was easy to write for avi-edit, we would be very greatful. thanks a lot for any help

AM Software:
It would be fine if you describe the exact options you missed in command line (maybe writing to us directly). AVIedit can open avi file if the name is given, but extra command-line features would be [probably] not very popular in Windows world... who knows.

Name: Kris
Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2002 at 04:18:05
quick question about can slow down the frame rate just fine. however, when I speed up the framerate, the length of the video doesn't get any just gets to the last frame really fast and then keeps playing. why?

AM Software:
Obviously something goes wrong... Could you please send us the AVIdiag log file, created for this avi clip ? Even better, send both logs, before and after the change...

URL: ~
Location: brisbane, qld aust
Date: Monday, February 11, 2002 at 08:46:15
Hi I need a program that can reverse frames, like playing a video from the ending to the beginning, can AVIedit do this?

AM Software:
When you click Export, hold down SHIFT key. The frames will be written in the reverse order. Or, use Options/Preferences dialog box and check the same-named option. It is possible either to export to a series of stills, or to the new avi file.


Date: Monday, February 11, 2002 at 03:33:18
This is the best program. When the setup finished, the 30 day trial period is over. This program do something or only a joke. If that I cum it.

AM Software:
Maybe you have tried it before. It isn't a joke but free 30 days for evaluation of the software...

Name: Hoffy
Location: SP, QLD Australia
Date: Saturday, February 9, 2002 at 13:23:23
Um .. downloaded .. a couple of times now .. installed .. a couple fo times now .. I get a warning about a virus when launching the app everytime. I have no virus and have scanned my entire HDD to be sure. Can you please turn off that check as it's annoying. I can't even start the app ... I almost bought it because I thought it was a good price. Win2K - 512M RAM - 20G NTFS

AM Software:
Please do not treat that message as the shareware nag screen. It's a real trouble because the exe file was built with errors. They normally lead to self-integrity check failure, and it is really GOOD it stops just before you get page faults, exceptions or whatever... Currently the files are updated, but you can download a bit older (but working!) AVIedit from our mirrors and partner sites (namely SimTel and ).

Name: Jeremy
Location: Victoria, BC Canada
Date: Saturday, February 9, 2002 at 02:24:39
Great App for such a small size! Just one problem i have that is global on my pc. In AVIedit along with Animation shop and flash 5, i can't save anything as any AVI. In aviedit, i tried to save as an avi, and it says "this format doesn't support data compression" or something like that. I even selected full frames (uncompressed), and it still did it. Anim shop and flash had similar errors, saying they couldn't write the file. Does anyone know how to fix it? I want to take full advantage of aviedit :)

AM Software:
It sounds fantastic. Some codecs can fail to write your movie when it is of unsupported frame width, height or color depth, but we can't believe all the software and even uncompressed write failed, too.
Just a quick guess: run our AVIdiag utility, see if there are missing Registry keys for AVI and/or RIFF handlers and if yes, send an e-mail to us.

Name: Akira, Taitsu
Location: Fort. Worth, Tx U.S.A
Date: Thursday, February 7, 2002 at 04:41:29
I just downloaded the Aviedit v.3.3. It's pretty handy, but i wanted to join two avi file. I looked throught the help option, it only has how to split a avi file and others but not join the avi files, could you please help me? Thak you!

AM Software:
AVIedit online Help file includes FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) topic. There is a question about wrong made files join. It's what you probably need. In a few words, you need to drag-n drop your second file to AVIedit window, then click Edit/Select all, then drag-n drop your first file into the same window. Now, save all to the new file. (The selection of the streams ensures that your first file will be inserted before the second file. AVIedit inserts stream before the selection, or places after the same-type stream when no selection found...)

Name:Tony King
Location: Elgin, QC Canada
Date: Thursday, February 7, 2002 at 01:14:40
I just purchased AVIEDIT. I Like it a lot. I also just downloaded the Morgan MJPEG cedec from Morgan Multimedia After creating a couple of AVI with it, I cannot edit them with AVIEDIT. The AVIEDIT hangs. Any ideas? ...I've lots more questions too! But later ;-)

AM Software:
Dear Tony, being a registered user, you can get faster response by writing to support team directly.
Regarding the problem you mention, it would be important to see whether other codecs work for you, or not. And what's the movie frame size, fps etc. What options did you set for the MM codec and for AVIedit.
Please keep in mind, now AVIedit tries to handle MJPEG files internally when no software or hardware codec found. Maybe MM codec is installed as a secondary codec, or something other goes wrong...
Please, again, better you use our direct e-mail instead of Forum.

Name: Zsolt Kovacs
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2002 at 18:46:20
I have just installed AVIedit 3.31 but it would run. It shows an error message: File corrupted! Please run a virus check, then reinstall the application. I ran a virus check then reinstalled the application, nothing has changed it won't work (I had a previous version 3.0 that ran fine).

AM Software:
This time, the problem is on our side. We're sorry.
Most likely, it's a broken file upload. We have updated the files online. However, please keep running a virus check regularly, anyway.

Name: Tomas
Location: Oslo, Norway
Date: Monday, February 4, 2002 at 21:50:43
Nice program.. I like it ALOT, BUT.. i have a problem I really dont manage to solve: When I record a quake3 demo, and press one of my binded commands, it returns to the menu. I use "/bind p cl_avidemo 25" Any solutions? Thanks alot for your time=) Tomas Wang

Alexander, the author:
Per my thoughts, better you use some Fnn bindings, say, F5 or something. Or maybe your screenshots folder does not exist, or the drive is full.
Really, I'm not the coolest Q3 fighter, you see :)

Name: Grzegorz
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Date: Monday, February 4, 2002 at 15:56:47
OK. I have to correct myself. AVIedit incorporates the blue box option, but it is almost of no use. I think that AVIedit could be the best chromakey soft piece if it only had following features.
- WYSIWYG preview - when you change i.e. chromakey color it is immediately seen on the preview.
- Possibility to manipulate the layer - shrink, enlarge, rotate, crop the effect rectangle.
- Color probe - to click on the screen and get the chromakey color instead of selecting it from menu.
- Keyframes.
AVIedit is such a great base for chromakeying and there is a huge demand for properly working chromakey-program in a good (under 100$) price.
Best Regards Grzegorz

AM Software:
It's just fine that you tried to use our chroma key feature. We always need your feedback.
Regarding the questions, it is possible to apply current settings by click on Proof button, without close the filter dialog box. It isn't an instant preview, but it helps. Spatial effects on layer are not implemented yet [...maybe will be]. Color probe works for W9x and Millennium, if you click the button with Ctrl key hold down. Move the mouse around the screen, then click somewhere at desired point. ColorPicker can't get colors from W2000 and XP desktops due to GetPixel() failure. We think it is Microsoft' bug, while Microsoft neither claims it a feature nor the bug. Will wait for service packs... Keyframes in ChromaKey were not planned (it works like linear), however this could be a nice feature. Thank you.

Name: Grzegorz
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Date: Saturday, February 2, 2002 at 23:05:38
I like this software very much. I am currently looking for some good blue box (green box, Ultimatte like) filter for use. It would be amazing if AVIedit would incorporate such a feature. I have seen no good program for it. Even Ultimatte isn't as good as it should be. Boris FX is the best but it is sooo unstable.... Any ideas?? Thanks Grzegorz

AM Software:
AVIedit has some kind of blue box filter. However currently you can use chroma keying only in "raw" editing mode. Timeline editor does not support this feature, but the Layer feature works for stills.

Name: the_netster
Location: Coventry, UK
Date: Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 13:31:37
I have used AVIedit for a few years now, it always produces excellent results, and is very easy to use. Yesterday I downloaded the latest version, but am unable to capture video. The error message tells me that there is no capture driver. My video card is the ATI All in Wonder Pro 128, and I am using the latest drivers for win 98. Can you help please?

AM Software:
In their latest drivers ATI has removed the Video for Windows capture support. They said, the DirectShow based capture is better (by the way, it requires about a PIII 600 MHz cpu, while VfW worked fine even on a PII 400 MHz) and all the users must follow the way that ATI thought right :(
You can change AVIedit driver detection routine using Options/Preferences dialog box, Capture tab. Check or clear use legacy VfW option to either enable or disable Video for Windows capture driver search. This way, you can use WDM (Windows Driver Model) capture, also know as DirectShow capture, but the features set in this mode is rather beggar... Please be aware of that.

Name: c0

Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 at 13:15:23
AviEdit Divx on W2k The Divx codec is not being displayed in the list of available codecs. Any tips anyone ? c0

AM Software:
The content of the list of codecs depends on what video format you have to compress. Many codecs like some even frame dimensions, that are multiplies of 8 or 16 pixels. In other words, the 352x288 frame will be compressed, while 347x273 won't (even if it looks smaller).
Some codecs do not accept truecolor images, and some fail to compress paletted ones. It depends...

Name: Jim Chueng

Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 at 09:39:54

AM Software:
It's strange you didn't have any problem :)

Date: Monday, January 28, 2002 at 21:24:06
yo i found it thnx you guyz to bad its a trial version tho but hey it works f***ing great lol ok gonna work some more with this proggie latahz all

AM Software:
Since we do not place our logo on top of the videos you create in AVIedit, some users believe it's freeware. Please don't be fooled with that. AVIedit is shareware but trial is free :)

URL: (under construction)
Location: amsterdam, NH holland
Date: Monday, January 28, 2002 at 21:08:26
yo i got a question cuz i want to make a movie from the game unreal tournament.and the question is i got lots of BMP file now but i dont see how to make it into avi i hope you can help me with that thnx! :) this program looks great

AM Software:
Please use File/Import/Bitmap images or some other import option to create an avi file from a series of bitmaps. (Also, from jpegs, tga's and other formats)

Location:Minnesota usa
Date: Monday, January 28, 2002 at 19:11:36
Hi I am 13 years old and i love this software alot.. it lets me change my gifs into avi.. and lets me edit them professionally thankyou for making something so cool.

AM Software:
Thanks. And please ask your parents each time you intend to leave some of your personal data somewhere on the web, just for safety. If there is nobody to ask, then better keep yourself anonymous.

Name: Steve Volcevski
Location: perth, wa Australia
Date: Monday, January 28, 2002 at 18:44:39
I found this program hard to get into but once i did i found it is the best avi editor out there, the option of being able to export as GIF AVI or FLC rocks, I mainly use this program to convert between formats and use it to edit long streams of animations and i find it absolutely brilliant.. but i hear some people in here are having trouble, heres some advice, read the god damn help and experiment :) you will realise what an unbelievable product this is!.. i just cant believe the price, i was willing to pay 500$ for a software that had these capabilities, whoever made this program is a genius.. an absolute genius, AVI EDIT is the BEST.. and I am so relieved that someone finnaly released a decent avi editor. THANKS ALOT :)))))

AM Software:
Talking about 500$, you could consider Adobe Premiere as the best offer :) Without a joke, it does really worth the money...
Thank you anyway.

Regarding our Help file, we'd gladly accept the suggestions via e-mail, what topics do you think must be added first, or what existing topics are too bad to understand, or whatever.

Name: Ricky R.
Location: Des Moines, Iowa USA
Date: Saturday, January 26, 2002 at 20:30:55
As opposed to thinking up witty comebacks for people who aren't satisfied with the product (aviedit), perhaps AM soft should recognize that people are having problems with the software, and that the help file leaves much to be desired. If the goal is to release a product people can utilize and enjoy, maybe a professional approach is required, as opposed to the current immature elitist approach.

AM Software:
You are right. However please try walking in our shoes. One has the problem in splitting files. Ok. This topic was discussed about four times here at Forum. This topic is described in Help file in "How Do I..." section. There even is no need to use Search feature of Windows Help. This topic is referenced closely in our article about the editing and repair of the DivX files. Isn't too much ?
When one needs help, he asks for help. Otherwise he posts the emotions... After all, we thought our answer is adequate, don't you ? In fact, it would be easier for us, delete the previous post silent...

Location: orlando, fl. usa
Date: Thursday, January 24, 2002 at 18:43:53
I found this program confusing and basically could not get it to work. I wanted to split a avi file in two files, searched the help files followed the poor instructions, went to this web site found no help here either. Will not every recommennd to my customers (actually i will tell them to steer clear) Deleting program (junk) after post. Good luck on the revisions.

AM Software:
Are you sure we're interested in used hardware buyers ?

Name:The bat
Location: na, na na
Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 at 03:43:33
What an absolute peice of junk!!.. this crap didnt work on my freinds computer nor mine, we allways receive "file corrupted, run a virus check" WHAT the hell is this supposed to mean, what the hell do you care?.. i have no virus!!.. and every other program works fine.. and when i did see it work for a while.. it was absolute crap, you cant even save the whole streams and it is very unclear in the help file on how to save your great work of art... this is really crap.. I guess we will have to wait for AVIEDIT VERSION 15.0 to get it to work.

AM Software:
We'd be just happy to be sure virus-free as you are...

Name: Vlad
Location: sydney, Sydney AUS
Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 at 03:12:10
Will it be possible to export an AVI as a FLI file so i can play in autodesk animator 1.0. i tried the export command but it doesnt work.. i get a "NOT RECOGNISED FLI FILE" in autodesk animator.

AM Software:
Probably AA requires the FLI file to have so-called vendor name filled... AVIedit doesn't pretend to be "Autodesk software". We will check if it really is so.

Name: Jim
Location: kingston, ar usa
Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at 19:00:27
When I open a avi file I see a bunch of question marks, and all this. ??????[1#0[MP43] Start:0 Length: 120048 [6002 seconds] ??????????? [1 #1 [ ] Start: 0 Length: 72027072 [6002 seconds] It looks just like this. No pictures, and below this is a solid black bar that runs half way across the screen, and at the end if that is 0.000 I'm lost as to how to cut this movie in half.

AM Software:
Your movie was created somewhere on Chinese warez download site. Your operating system didn't have fonts to display stream name in Chinese. This is why you saw the question marks.
The [MP43] label means you need Microsoft MPEG4 V3 codec installed. Until that you can't see the video frames.

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