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Name: Cary
Location: Phx, AZ USA!
Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 at 02:08:11
I fell like an idiot! Iv'e used many different types of editing software, and I have read your help files concerning AVIEdit. How can I import hundreds of images to form one single .AVI file? I exported all the images from the original clip, batch edited them in Photoshop, and saved them as .bmp's. I cropped the images slightly to remove a continous band of static at the bottom of the original .AVI Sorry if this issue has been addressed before, but I havent seen it.
1) When I attempt to import all the images I get different results:
a)One was a 20 frame 1 sec video (outputBM.avi) of nothing.
b)Another was a 6 frame video of the correct images but less than one second run time.
c)Others not worth mentioning.
2)Process -> Filter -> "What to import" -> Import doesn't seem to work
The clip I want has 575 .bmp images obtained from the 19 second uncompressed original
Q: What is a list file? Where can I find a definition or description? I could not find it in the help files or am-soft's web site.
Thanks in advance! Great job on this little editor!!

AM Software:
Few check points for you... Please make sure the images have exactly the same width and height, and preferably no palette (truecolor). When you import a list of images, don't forget fps setting.
Your Q. 2 - please e-mail us some more details about this.
List file is a plain text ASCII file, containing one filename per line.

Name: Jerome

Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2001 at 03:18:44
I'm having some problems in trying to figure out how to change the resolution of my avi file. The size of the frames is 360x240 and I want to resize it to 160x120 *without* cropping the frames. In Crop/resize if I just resize the whole frame the resolution of the frame changes but not the size. If I crop it first, then I get only a part of the frame. No win.

AM Software:
The problem might be with movies that are not true color (24 bpp)... Scale needs to be used only with 24 bpp images. Maybe it would be a good idea, drop us an e-mail about this.

Name: Bryan Hamilton
Location: Hamilton, ON Canada
Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 at 01:18:30
AVIEdit provides several AVI compressors including Intel Indeo and DivX. Which compressor is the best?

AM Software:
To be honest with you, AVIedit does not provide compressors - it only shows and uses codecs that are installed on your PC. Some of them you get with Windows installation, some with OEM software when you buy some video capture hardware or an audio card.
Your question is too complex to be answered fully right here but we'll try.
DivX is probably the best but it is illegal because it uses stolen binaries of Microsoft MPEG4 codec and its reconstructed source codes.
For capture needs I'd suggest any Motion-JPEG (MJPG) codec.
For compatibility with older machines you probably would need to use Cinepak codec, and so on...

Name: Jeremiah
Location: Mobile, Al USA
Date: Thursday, October 18, 2001 at 18:32:29
I have a movie that I downloaded that is 703 mgs, too big to put on a cd. I am trying to use AVIedit to cut it down by 3 mgs so I can put it on a cd. The movie already has the following properties: 416 x 312, 24 Bits, 142500 Frames, 29.970 Frames/Sec, 151 KB/Sec, DIVXMPG4 V3 for video and audio:MPEG Layer-3,95 kBit/s, 44,100 Hz, Stereo. I have tried a few different things and cant seem to get anything to work. Any ideas?

AM Software:
Obviously try a few other things.
Sorry - it was a rough joke. However, your description of your file is really excellent, and you reported all the important details, - but exactly what you tried and how it didn't work for you ? If you feel the story will occupy entire page, why do not e-mail it to us directly ?

Name: Glenn

Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2001 at 15:06:32
Hi, please could you tell me what the expot settings should be to use the exported file on a Compaq Ipaq. I have installed Pocket Divx player but it crashes whenever I try to open a file. The orginal file is "The Matrix". Thanks, Glenn

AM Software:
It's hard to say without tests... Perhaps you'd need to use smaller frame size and/or lower frame rates. After all, there is less CPU horsepower, than in average PII300, you know...

Name: Blowme

Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2001 at 11:08:51
I'm using AVI edit to import a whole heap of JPG's into an avi file for my folio for uni but I find that the saved file doesnt play properly in other players. It plays for the same length but it only plays about the first half really slowly. Please help.

AM Software:
Maybe you missed frames-per-second settings ? Or used value is too low...

Name: Juba
Location: Vanc, WA usa
Date: Monday, October 8, 2001 at 07:48:42
Please help, I am no longer able to join AVI movie parts on my machine. I recovered the system and downloaded all appropriated codecs and have the system working good now. However, everymovie part that I download from the web and try to use Peck's Power Join to join up the AVI files do not join. A message comes up saying that the file did not open and error status 340, system 0. I go into the file and look at the clip's properties and on it says AVI file, however when looking at the details it says: This file is invalid or corrupted, but it plays just fine. Also, I noticed that on the type it says video clip only, and on the folder the files do not have the .avi extension anymore, there are only the file name now. (I.E.: before=> terra.avi ; now=> terra only, no more .avi) I've try to exchage extension to see if it would make a difference, but it did not. Can anybody help me with this bug, please? Thanks, Juba

AM Software:
Please call the Peck's Power Join support team for help.
Peck's Power Join isn't the product made by AM Software, and we offer no help for it.

Name: billy bob
Location: dallas, TX USA
Date: Friday, October 5, 2001 at 21:14:53
Anybody try to use the regions functions in AVIedit. I can define a region correctly using the SPECIAL command, but when I try to apply that region to multiple frames and fill in the region with a color using the PROCESS/REGIONS selection nothing seems to happen. What I am doing wrong??

AM Software:
Maybe a wrong inside/outside the region setting, or maybe you have saved a file, instead of exporting it.

Name: Thanos Naranja
Location: Sokor, Nigeria
Date: Thursday, October 4, 2001 at 00:55:44
After downloading the Trial version of AVIedit there are no plug-ins in the menu except for Host Setup. The Plug-ins Reload button does nothing. I have the Adobe photoshop 5.5 and Alien skin and several other plugins available on the system. Any idea why they do not show up in AVIEdit?

AM Software:
Current AVIedit installation package does not include any Photoshop compatible plug-in. On this site, however, you'll find a special page dedicated to downloadable plug-in archives worldwide, and few other sites who provide such a service. AVIedit's Transformer filter (built-in) covers most of average user everyday needs in effects and filters. At least, it works in realtime, much faster than most of Adobe plug-ins do.
Won't discuss here how to install any external plug-in. It is described in details in AVIedit online help file. Please read there for any idea, first.

Name: M P
Location: Central, TX US
Date: Saturday, September 22, 2001 at 10:56:07
Hello. I've been trying AVIedit for a little bit, and I like it overall. You do something in the program video play though which I've been unable to duplicate in my saved video. I have some avi which for whatever reason is very slowed, audio is in sync with video, but the whole thing sounds like recorded in syrup. In Play file, when it runs, you have a speed increase button, by which I can speed it up enough to get normal voice (vid faster too of course, correspondingly). However, nothing I've done in any of the AVI parameter settings will let me speed it up in the saved file like "play file" does (when I replay it in some other video player). How do you do this, in the program, or more accurately, how can I do to the file when I save it that that speed function does in the program? (Changing frame rate/interval has had no effect on the voice, unless I'm doing it wrong). Thanks, if you take time to answer this.

AM Software:
Most likely you have a wrong mp3 codec installed or have some other sort of audio playback problem. Maybe it is time to update the soundcard driver...
About the Play file feature. It is just a quick'n dirty call to the default system' media player. From your description we may think you have QuickTime installed (and its player allows you to speed up and slow down the clips). However, AVIedit does not use these features when saving files. You can change video speed in AVIedit, but you can not change audio - just because it will get played too slow or too fast (of course, when you had normal initial speed). It seems you did framerate change Ok, and it shouldn't affect the sound speed, so - it works right. Currently AVIedit will not stretch an audio track for you (only cut/copy/paste/mix/gain/mute), but maybe in the next releases. For a while you may want to try some sound editor (like CoolEdit, SoundForge etc.) to speed up your audio track separately.

Name: Chackie Chackler

Date: Monday, September 17, 2001 at 22:58:09
Hi! The programm is great! One question: How do I get the mp3 support into AVIEdit? That's the thing I really missed! Chackie

AM Software:
Currently AVIedit supports both playback and encoding of .mp3 compressed audio tracks via ACM (Audio Compression Manager), so you need a codec installed. Speaking about Timeline editor, there is no way to handle compressed audio tracks, because we need some clean way to mix wave data freely, on the fly. If you need to import some .mp3 file, you will need to convert it to PCM wave first, using free WinAmp player or any other software you may prefer. Probably AVIedit will never include some built-in custom mp3 engine because this will result in some royalty fees we'd pay to patent holders. To avoid these possible problems you need either use an mp3 codec, or decompress mp3 files to wave before using them. (In other words, we wouldn't like to be similar to Napster or Gnutella)

Name:Darjan Mijatovic
Location: Rijeka, -- Croatia
Date: Saturday, September 15, 2001 at 02:37:33
I want to open .mpg file in AviEdit. Is there a way to do it? (I sent this to E-mail also). I am using evaluation version. Thank you, Darjan.

AM Software:
AVIedit is not a MPGedit, feel the difference... Currently there is no way to open .mpg files.
Probably opening MPEG2 files will be added later (or some kind of import filter), but we do not see any reason to add a support for outdated formats like MPEG1. Virtually any of current MPEG1 encoders offers only sub-VHS video quality and occupies about as twice HDD space, compared to MPEG4 avi codec, when you encode the same clip with same video quality. So, per our means, using MPEG1 for video production is only waste of time and drive space. By the way, MPEG4 beats them both (MPEG 1 and 2), but MPEG2 claimed few years ago as a broadcast quality compression scheme, at least it is much better than MPEG1...

URL: n/a
Location: n/a, mi usa
Date: Friday, September 14, 2001 at 18:21:47
Hi nice app:) I got 2 questions.
1. How do I delete more then 1 frame at a time without deleting it frame by frame?
2. How do i flip the video i imported upside down? it says "Select Process/Crop dialog box" but i cant find where thats at. Hope u cool guys can help:)

AM Software:
We are not just c00l, we're simply the coolest :) LOL
Your 1st Q: to delete a number of frames you need to select a number of frames. There are two ways.
First, use left mouse button - click inside the frame that would start the range of frames you want to cut off. Then scroll to the last frame in a range you'll delete. Hold down SHIFT key and click again. You will see selection ... header over the filmstrip.
Second way to select - just hit S key and enter the starting and ending frame number.
The 2nd Q: flipping can be done by Transformer filter, you use it via Process/Filter dialog box. Rotating by 90, 180 and 270 degrees can be optionally done via Crop/Resize dialog box. You will find it under the Process main menu item.

Name: HiMem

Date: Thursday, September 6, 2001 at 04:15:37
Hi! I just want to join 2 AVI's (2 parts of a divx movie) I open part1, selected merge and opened part2. Now what? i tried to save, but what stream should I choose? what I am doing wrong? It is suposed to be so slow when you try to save something? TXS!!!

AM Software:
Why did you use Merge to add two avi files while help file prevents you from doing that ?
When you have an avi file without a sound, and wave file, then you use Merge to make a new avi file with the sound. If you do not need to get the streams played simultaneously, avoid using Merge. Your question was discussed here in Forum and it is in the help FAQ section. Please take a look at there.

Name: James Smits

Date: Tuesday, September 4, 2001 at 14:10:13
I just downloaded AVIedit. When I try to open an avi, I get: Unable to open [file name] 0x80040154

AM Software:
This error code means 'Class not registered' error (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG) that could be caused by improper DXMedia installation, or any similar OLE/COM registry bug. At least, you had to use AVIdiag to check few important registry entries before writing here. Also, providing no information about your system/your file/your software was a bad idea. We do not like to guess what happens with your system...

Name: wei chen
Location: Hanover, NH USA
Date: Tuesday, September 4, 2001 at 09:03:36
Hi, Please let me thanks you guys for your great work --- this great programm, Aviedit. Though, I have a problem when using it. When I try to select a part from a AVI movie and paste it to another window and save it, the sound of the movie is lost! Would you please tell me how to select both the video AND THE AUDIO so that I can save a new movie WITH SOUND? By the way, I am using an evaluation version now. Thanks a lot. wei chen

AM Software:
Mainly it is not AVIedit feature nor it is trial limitation. Just remember how Windows clipboard works... It can hold only one object at a time. So you can not have both video track and audio track in the clipboard at the same time. It's pity - but you must perform copy/paste twice. Office allows you to have multiple fragments on a clipboard, but there is rather a custom emulation of a clipboard behaviour by Office components, that AVIedit does not, of course.

Name: Paul
Location: Norwich, England
Date: Saturday, September 1, 2001 at 00:14:15
Trying to add a title to a AVI clip is driving me crazy! 1. I cant find the title creator tool as described in the help file. 2. Using the TEXT fx filter doesn't help any further. 3. I would appretiate step by step instructions from someone please, then this would complete an amazing peice of software. a truely great program. Many thanks, Paul Title Creator is the tool to make flying letters, nice backgrounds (color mattes) and various text effects.

AM Software:
The Title Creator tool can be activated by click on a leftmost toolbar icon. To see sample title created it is enough to hit Ok button right after you saw that dialog box :)
To apply TextFx filter you need to select a portion of a video stream, then use Process->Filter dialog box to see currently activated filters list. Left side list includes a TextFx filter - double click on its name. Change the properties (its described in a help file, see by Filtering keyword) and confirm the changes. After this you will need to export the file into new one, or define some additional filters in a chain.

Name: Shannon

Date: Sunday, August 26, 2001 at 17:16:36
How do I remove all sound from a video?

AM Software:
Click the audio stream header to select an entire stream, then hit Del key.

Name: Fabian
Location: Rockhampton, Australia
Date: Saturday, August 25, 2001 at 23:07:36
Gudday again, Love the proggy so far, however am still having a few probs. Problem No.1: When capturing I use DIVXmpg4 V3 fast motion, but I cannot get it to use MP3 to comptess audio, I have to use pcm...kinda frustrating. Problem No 2: When I want to join 2 files together and then save as, I select the no recompression option for video yet it still converts it from a from a rate of 216k/s to 34k/s with obvious loss of vid quality...Like last time I know it will be something simple I am missing and i thank you for your help in advance. Cheers, Fabian

AM Software:
Sound capture can be performed in a hardware supported format. It seems the only that you have available is PCM (uncompressed).
Regarding to your 2nd problem, it's strange a bit, but it seems you have too different avi files to join (codecs, fps and maybe other properties). Maybe just use Timeline ? You can automatically get crossfade there...

Name: wilson
Location: hk,
Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2001 at 12:40:33
Can you send code of bmp to avi file to me ??

AM Software:
We do not offer source codes. Remember we're shareware site, not open source nor public domain software.

Name: Adam

Date: Sunday, August 19, 2001 at 06:04:47
I wanted to know if there is a way using AVIEdit To export frames to photshop for editing and then import them back to AVIEdit in the same place.

AM Software:
Yes - it is. You may use either Export frame option, to get a separate bmp/jpg/tga/gif file, or simply copy selected frame to Windows clipboard. Then paste the image just copied into Photoshop. After editing, click Copy in the Photoshop, then switch to AVIedit, click on the frame before that you will insert a picture from Photoshop, and click Paste. Note, the video clip must have the same bit depth and frame size as the image being inserted.

Name: james
Location: Kwangjin-gu, Seoul Korea(Republic)
Date: Friday, August 17, 2001 at 09:01:56
i tried to split a movie. yes i did but there is no sound at all. how can i make it? i'm using windows 2000 server...

AM Software:
Pity we can't offer a good solution. There might be a problem with sound card, or the audio codec may be lost, or file may be damaged in some way... it is hard to guess.

Name: Fabian
Date: Thursday, August 16, 2001 at 19:52:32
Gudday, Just started using your proggy (AVI Editor) Have found it really easy to use when capturing, compressing ect. However when it comes to joining 2 avi files together I am beginning to feel silly. I tried to follow the tips in the help file but it didn't seem to work. Maybe I am missing something simple :o) Cheers, Fabian

AM Software:
Strange a bit... There are only three steps: open file B, then use Edit / Select All menu item to highlight its streams. Next, drag file A from explorer to AVIedit window. It will be placed before B. That's all! Just save the result into a third (new) file C.

Name: Dennis
Location: Toronto, On Canada
Date: Monday, August 13, 2001 at 01:51:00
Hello again :-) Thank you very much for your previous replies. I've got interesting situation here :-). Trying to reduce the file size for burning it I reduced its "frame" number, and I got a smaller file with worse quality. As I understand it is normal. But what not should be concidered as normal is that I got sound stream going a bit (0,5 -1,5) seconds earlier then it should to. This delay changes sometimes- during 5-10 min of movie sound s goes more and more earlier and than in a moment picture moves a bit faster and its repeats again. I got Cel 733 (on 78Mgz), 256M RAM, IBM 30G 7200 HD. What can cause this problem. Also, I got an error message "Aviedit_err" without any more information about it. I can send a picture to show it :-). Thank you in advance for your help.

AM Software:
We're not sure what frame number you mentioned, we think it was keyframe interval or something like...
The sound track virtually never gets in sync with video because they have physically different quartz oscillators, and their frequencies often didn't match, until you have something like Pinnacle miroDC30 capture board with built-in sound channel. Here in Forum we already discussed the de-sync... One of the possible ways to keep a/v in sync, just use interleave about 1 frame or so. This is not recommended if you need to get a minimum file size, because AVIedit wraps each interleaved pair into a REC chunk. Some software does not require REC wrapping, but avi specs suggest we use it.
Normally we do not need your screenshot of that error message, but if only your Windows color scheme is very exciting... :) Better you'd send us a detailed report how could we reproduce it.

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archive here
126 KB

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