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Name: Adil Cinar
Location: melbourne, Vic Australia
Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at 15:27:21
AVI editor is an absolute brilliant peice of software and its composite overlay options rock.. BUT there is a few niggling bugs that tear my hair out.. Ok I dont know who made the help file, but I presume it was someone who doesnt know much about the software, for instance I wanted to merge two files together (which I ended up doing) but then to my absolute disgust I could not save it!!!.. only the top stream got saved and the overlay didnt.. in the help file it says somthing like go to the option screen and check the box "bmp export" or somthing but this doesnt exist in the options!!.. i checked everywhere it doesnt exist thereby I could not save it.. and when i downloaded version 3.31 it didnt even work!!.. the screen is all stuffed up and doesnt display at all, this happened even when I downloaded it again.. I also was very very upset that when I exported the file as a FLI file I could not play it in AUTODESK ANIMATOR.. which is a superb old dos animator.. DONT GET ME WRONG THOUGH.. AVI EDITOR is a superb program and its ideas are absolutely original and brilliant, and its composite overlay options are excellent and accurate but it just has a few problems that stop it from being THE ULTIMATE AVI EDITOR.. please fix these bugs or tell me what im doing wrong as I really love this program (and NEED IT) and want to register it as soon as possible.

AM Software:
You made the wrong thing and you got the wrong result.
The AVIedit Help file prevents you from merging the way you did it. Ok. You got what you were warned about...
The FLI compatibility will be checked once again. Thank you.
Regarding the 3.31 problem, just wait a day or two while we try it on different OS/hardware combinations...

Name: George

Date: Monday, January 21, 2002 at 00:24:59
Ok now when i try to save it goes a while and it says " cannot read file" (or something like that). The video is perfect but no sound. plz forgive me for past annoyances :)

AM Software:
Most likely either you have Type1 DV avi file (there is no separate audio stream) or maybe just a truncated (eg. broken download) avi file. The AVIdiag reports may help to see what happens... If Type1 DV avi, it would be wise to convert it to Type2 first.

Name: Gregg Thompson
Location: Louisville, ky USA
Date: Saturday, January 19, 2002 at 20:53:36
Sorry about the previous question your help file worked great and I got the answer I needed. However, is there one compressor that is more standard out there then another? What I mean is I am sending BBall vids to like 300 college coaches and after editing them is there one compressor which would be more widely accepted by various software packages then others? Also is there one that would produce the best quality? Sorry to be a pain. P.S. your software is a lot of fun to use!!

AM Software:
You're very kind, though you ask about really impossible compressor... Lets see:
  • DivX 4.xx - probably the best compression/quality ratio, however it's currently very buggy
  • DivX 3.xx - nearly the same quality, stable but illegal (based on MS MPEG4 hacked codec)
  • Indeo 5.x - not as good but stable and legal (freeware), not included into Windows
  • Indeo 3.x - even worse quality, but included into Windows
  • Cinepack - its quality was superior a few years ago; also included into Windows
  • MS Video 1 - just avoid using this dinosaur
  • MS Rle - the same piece :(
In fact, you must either use some good CD autorun wizard, to let your friends install the codec in a seconds just before they continue, or you need to choose the codec from the ones installed by default... Much more codecs listed here: (formerly )
Per our thoughts, you must not use AngeloPotion MPEG4 codec because it often ruins your registry (not all but video settings), also it would be rather a bad idea to use proprietary codecs and/or very rare or unsupported codecs. It is a chance you'd leave alone with these, if their vendor(s) go off the scene...

Name: Gregg Thompson
Location: Louisville, ky USA
Date: Saturday, January 19, 2002 at 20:32:20
Should be real simple but I can't figure it out. I have a bunch of 30 second AVIs of my daughter playing BBall all I want to do is trim off the 1st 10 or so seconds depending on the action going on. After that I just want save it as a new file. Just trim and save. Can anyone help me? Please e-mail me if you can. Thanks Gregg

AM Software:
You need to select the range of frames that you want to cut off, then click Del or Shift-Del. (To delete video only, or video+audio, respectively.) Then click Save, of course.

Name: Nick Harris
Location: Perth, WA Australia
Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 05:28:00
Just wondering, I'm doing some captures off the tv which are about 2 hours, and for some reason when I select make new file after 2gigs it does each file to 2.470gigs and then makes a new file, I've just downloaded the v3.3 now, going to test that, but in this version can i set the file size that i want?
regards, nick

AM Software:
It's hard to foresee the file size because it depends on compression type, frame rate, picture size and even tape quality. Some codecs allow you to limit their data rate and, in turn, the file size, but some others can't. To keep the best compatibility with other software, you need to keep the file size under 2GB. In AVIedit, you can limit the capture time for this, say by 10 minutes each. The smaller files are easier to manage than one huge file.

Name: Welton
Date: Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 22:20:00
Need step by step instructions on splitting an avi file in half..I have no clue.. Thanks..

AM Software:
Start->Programs->AVIedit->Online Help
The topic is called How Do I... and the instruction follows.

Name: Orson Oehlers
Date: Thursday, January 10, 2002 at 23:25:09
When i'm saving to uncomressed avi and the file is smaller than 2gb it plays fine in windows media player. but when it's bigger than 2gb it doesn't, why?
My system configuration:
ADM Athlon 1.33GHz
WD Caviar 60GB HD

AM Software:
In avi format the size fields are 32 bit integers. That means, all pieces of an avi file must be under 232=4G in size. However some applications treat the integer value as negative, if its most significant bit is set. (And positive if it is clear). Obviously this is an error (and even more, old MCI applications are limited to 1GB in file size) but you can work around it by saving some smaller uncompressed files.

Name: joe
Location: Crawfordsville, in USA
Date: Thursday, January 10, 2002 at 15:36:34
I downloaded the English version and when I go to run setup, I get an error message stating that there is an "Invalid CRC! The package has been corrupted". I have more than enough coumputer power, and I run Windows ME,,, I have Downloaded this 3 times with the same result. Any suggestions??

AM Software:
Perform an Anti-Viral check please. Or try to download bypassing your proxy server and/or using some download manager

Name: Richard
Location: Staten Island, NY USA
Date: Thursday, January 10, 2002 at 03:02:36
Hello: I installed "Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 1995" (1992-1996 date on CD) on my Windows ME machine. Everything works fine... including AVI videos, however, the AVI "slideshows" and AVI "Guided Tour" have sound but no picture... instead I get this message - "video not available: cannot find the 'vids:cvid' decompressor."
Also, my "Apple Quicktime" won't start and I get the message... "all the files needed were not installed: please update to the latest version of quicktime."
QUESTION: Are my "slideshows" not running because of "Quicktime" or is there something else wrong?
MY MACHINE: (skipped...),

AM Software:
Please keep in mind that we do not support third-party products.

In fact, you already got the advice: you need to install the codec for CVID and you need to install QuickTime.
Please visit this web page (it's the best known list of video codecs) press Ctrl+F (to get a search dialog box) and enter CVID there. Or locate this codec FourCC manually. Then download and install the codec.
Apple QuickTime can be installed from their site:

Name: George
Location: Norristoun, pa USA
Date: Thursday, January 10, 2002 at 01:49:28
I had a 700 mb file and i wanted to make it smaler. i did some stuff and i went to save it. it took like 2 hr and when it was over the .avi had no sound.!!!

AM Software:
We started MS Word2000. We did some stuff and it ran out of memory. Do you know why ?

Name: Schoellhorn
Location: Ravensburg, Germany
Date: Monday, January 7, 2002 at 21:55:58
I'm a very new user of AVIedit and want to import JPEG images to AVIedit and generate from this pictures a video with fade in and fade out between the pictures and sound. I'tried this with File, Import pictures, then select pictures, then select video compressing and then i get always error message 'Unable to open outputBM.avi' 0x8004406D Where to setup outputBM.avi ?? or what's wrong ?? Please give me some tipp Thanks

AM Software:
OutputBM.avi is used as the special filename. When you import or export images, this avi file is created as an intermediate storage. Normally it is created in the current directory (where the imported images are) and should be opened fine. Maybe there is a write-protected media, it's hard to say... In fact we're ready with an updated version (it is not available for download yet) where you can change this file name and location (path to the folder). This might help.

Name: Jack
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Date: Monday, January 7, 2002 at 09:35:38
GREAT PROGRAM!.....Ive been using this for a few days now, somehow i messed something up and now I cant caputre audio? Can you help me?

AM Software:
The answer depends on what did you mean saying "cant caputre".
Maybe you have set a zero recording input level using Windows Mixer. Maybe you have plugged a line-in jack into the microphone input, or vice versa. Maybe you clicked some of the 'mute' buttons. Or maybe you have the Capture sound option unchecked (in AVIedit Capture options dialog box). Maybe there is a hardware failure...

Name: Paul
Date: Monday, January 7, 2002 at 01:50:31
I have been trying to use avi edit to work with divX 4.12 files but they cause an error in kernel32.dll. The program works great with miro dv captured files and will convert these into Divx files but as soon as these are loaded back into aviedit then problems, same with divx files created with virtualdub, I like the program, can you help me?

AM Software:
We have no reason to love the DivX 4.xx developers anymore. The number of their codecs life-critical errors exceed the threshold we can tolerate. It seems, the untouched :) DivX 3.11a was the best possible MPEG4 codec and it still is. At least, it is very stable and you do not need to choose the codec's version number by the list of bugs it fixes and/or adds.
In other words, AVIedit uses the same way to deal with different codecs, so if one codec works, but another fails, then it is that codec problem, not AVIedit's fault.

Date: Monday, December 31, 2001 at 01:02:30
Hi there.Your Programme is excellent!But how can i cut Audio and Video Stream at the same time???is that possible? Cutting the video itself causes to hear the soundtrack from the scenes i cut befor u know...Thx in advance

AM Software:
Please hold down SHIFT key before you hit Del.

Name: mike
Date: Friday, December 28, 2001 at 22:56:52
Hi there, having problems with version AviEdit 3.3. I found AviEdit ist a great tool to make multilanguage DivX-Movies. I create two avi files, one with the soundtrack in german, another one with the soundtrack in english. Loading the first one then merging the second. I've got two video and two audio tracks deleting one video track and saving the rest withound reencoding end in an avi with 2 audio track, perfectly playable with appropiate players. It worked out fine a few times, but now AviEdit crashes or exits without any comment, when I'm trying to save the avi. I found out so far, that AviEdit don't like one of the Avis. But I don't know what to do, to correct the avis, that AviEdit can work with them. Any help would be highly appreciated.

AM Software:
When you save the file, it must have one or more video streams, and one or more audio streams. In fact, you can even create the file without a video stream, or without audio at all. There should be no problem (assuming the file is not broken). However, when you export the movie, there should be one video stream, and zero or one audio stream. Maybe this makes the difference. If you could find the group of files that always give an error, and they summary size is under 1MB, then please e-mail them to us, or give the internet URL to allow us a download. Will see what happens...

Name: K. Jones

Date:Friday, December 28, 2001 at 05:11:09
I can't get any of my .avi movies taken with my Fuji 2800 digi camera in Quicktime format to play or work with your program. Is there a fix for this?

AM Software:
No fix is needed.
By some funny reason Apple calls any .avi movie that is compressed using the MotionJPEG (MJPG) codec as the 'Quicktime' movie. Obviously there is nothing made by Apple itself, nor made in Quicktime tools.
To play your avi files that are compressed with MJPG compressor you need MJPG decompressor - that's all, folks :) Please see the FAQ:

Name: Jan Erik Smith
Location: Oslo, Norway
Date: Thursday, December 27, 2001 at 22:30:52
I know how to split an AVI file and all that, but i have trouble with finding the split point. I dont know how to find the halfway of the file. Using the cursors take forever. Is it a key or something that can get me to halfway of the video?

AM Software:
Since the video files have the different number of frames (and frames can have the different size) we never thought about splitting avi's exactly at the middle. If you can tolerate some misplace of the cut point, then you could use anything of these for navigation: PgUp/PgDn, Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right, Shift-Left and Shift-Right. After all, you can just drag the scrollbar thumb to the desired position using the mouse (while not playing, though).
For some better precision you can then scroll the frames by using Left and Right arrow keys alone.
Finally, you can hit S key to enter selection range manually. Sometimes this is the fastest method.

Name: youry
Location: amsterdam, nh netherlands
Date: Thursday, December 27, 2001 at 21:55:17
can i reverse an avi movie (record it backwards)

AM Software:
At capture time, you can't (unless you play the tape backward using your VCR). However you can reverse an avi clip while you edit it. More exactly, you can Export it to the new avi or to a series of bmp/tga/jpg images, in reverse frame numbers order. To do this, click Export button while SHIFT key is hold down. Or, click Options/Preferences menu item, select Export tab and check the "...reverse order" option.

Name: Peter

Date: Monday, December 24, 2001 at 09:38:33
I am really confused on how to split an AVI file. Help?

AM Software:
You must select a piece of a file and delete it. Then save the remaining part. Re-open the file and this time delete the part that is already saved. Save the rest.

Guys, what is the reason for us to write the Help file, if you never read it ? Or please, look a few previous posts re: this question...

Name: ReeceZ

Date: Monday, December 17, 2001 at 21:37:01
I have a movie for kids that has 1 swear word in (I was shocked) I would just like to remove this one word and keep the vidio without screwing up the sync of the sound-video. AVIedit Rocks 8)

AM Software:
It is not too easy... You need to locate the frames where the offending word appears, and try to select the appropriate piece of the audio. The selection can be done the same way as you do for video stream: click to mark in-point, then shift-click to mark out-point. To keep the lip-sync you must remember the length of audio you want to cut off, then cut this word off the soundtrack, and then insert some audio data of the same length. The last step is the most involved. In a worst case you can select something near to the cut point, and paste its 'copy' in place. This will give a bit jerky sound here, but will keep the sync. Maybe it would be better to insert some kind of noise there, or just a silence. You need to experiment.
Maybe you'd prefer to save audio track alone, edit it using another software, namely using audio editor like CoolEdit or SoundForge, then merge it back to the original video.

Name: Romina Martínez
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: Sunday, December 16, 2001 at 08:02:09
Hi, I downloaded the AVI frame rate conversor, extracted it in a new folder (from now "folder1"), and everything seemed to be ok, but when I tried to launch it, it says "Can't open the folder1/avifrate.exe". So I put "accept", then a window appears, and it seems to be ok again, everything works but the "open file" do nothing :( I don't know what the problem is, I downloaded it again and installed it over and over, but I don't see anything wrong with the instlallation. Can you help me...?

AM Software:
There are two ways. You can either to describe us your system configuration in details, and what you're doing step by step, and probably it will finally work for you, - or you can change your avi frame rate using AVIedit' file header access feature. It does nearly the same as the AVIfrate, and for some tasks you never will want any extra features. Just try it...

Name: Stefano Gárete
Location: Santiago, Chile
Date: Wednesday, December 12, 2001 at 16:46:53
Hello, I tried to change the frame size of a video ( 160x120 >> 320x240 ), but when I save it, the size remains the same as of previous (source) video.

AM Software:
It seems you used Save option, instead of Export. There is an important difference between them:
  • Save allows you to operate entire frames as a whole picture (no filters can be applied) and often allows you to edit the file without re-compression
  • Export always makes decompression of the picture to the bitmap image, so you could apply any filter (like in Adobe Photoshop), or crop, rotate and change the size of the frame

Name: rui vasconcelos

Date: Sunday, December 9, 2001 at 18:58:11
hi. how do i split a avi file? can anyone help me thanx in advance

AM Software:
Start AVIedit, click Help menu item, then locate the group of topics called "How Do I...", click it and see "...split a large movie" topic.

Name: Daniel
Location: Camp, NSW Australia
Date: Sunday, December 9, 2001 at 05:20:52
Hi Just downloaded AVI Edit so that i can chop a 800mb file in half. (or to a 650mb and 150 mb file) Anyway i cant figure out how to do it ive been trying for a while, but im very computer stupid Could someone please help me?

AM Software:
Start AVIedit, click Help menu item, then locate the group of topics called "How Do I...", click it and see "...split a large movie" topic. If still no success, drop us an e-mail about what goes wrong.

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